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Thinking About Moving or Refinancing?

Whether you’re buying, selling, or refinancing, in pays to have the very best information.

We are here for you; to support you and guide you through to the finish line. Our detailed property reports ensure you have the best experience Buying,  Selling, or Refinancing. 


What can you expect to see in your detailed report?

Ownership information, Property Characteristics, Loan info, Assessment info, Tax info, Prior Transfer info, Prior Mortgage Records, Comparable Properties in the area, and a detailed Area Sales Analysis! 


Premium reports available for a reasonable price. *Currently Available in CA Only!

Know before you go! The items contained in these Premium reports, could easily "derail" and Escrow or Refinance. Things like: Death of Owner, Flood Insurance , Neighborhood Nuisance ,  Rent Control, Flip Transaction (as defined, by HUD) ,Transfer of Title - Last 24 Months, Seller - Multiple Owned Properties, Potential Buyer - Multiple Owned Properties, FHA/VA Property Type Eligible, Zoning Inconsistent with Property Type, Tax Default, Mortgage Default, HOA Lien(s) X 7 Seller –Bankruptcy, Potential Buyer – Bankruptcy , Seller - Involuntary Lien(s), Potential Buyer - Involuntary Lien(s) …